Basic Configuration

Your YaCy Peer needs some basic information to operate properly

  1. ok Select a language for the interface:
  2. ok Use Case: what do you want to do with YaCy:
  3. ok You may change your peer name
  4. warning Your peer cannot be reached from outside (which is not fatal, but would be good for the YaCy network); please open your firewall for this port and/or set a virtual server option in your router to allow connections on this port. Opening a router port is not a YaCy-specific task; you can see instruction videos everywhere in the internet, just search for Open Ports on a <our-router-type> Router and add your router type as search term. However: if you fail to open a router port, you can nevertheless use YaCy with full functionality, the only function that is missing is on the side of the other YaCy users because they cannot see your peer.
        with SSL (https enabled)

What you should do next:

You did not open a port in your firewall or your router does not forward the server port to your peer. This is needed if you want to fully participate in the YaCy network. You can also use your peer without opening it, but this is not recomended.